Friday, August 17, 2007

Michelle Pfeiffer finds evil delicious (Hairspray 2007 with John Travolta)

Michelle stars as the evil Velma Van Tussle in Hairspray.

From Artisan News Service

Van Halen returns but no reunion

After a much talked about reformation, Van Halen have officially announced a twenty five date tour. But don't call this a reunion, it's a whole new band

From Artisan News Service

Transformers... fan video

This is the way the end battle sequence with Optimus Prime and Megatron should've gone.

Earthquake in Peru - August 15, 2007

This is a video from the Peru earthquake (15 August 2007)

My name is Daniel and I live in Lima, Peru. I was at work when the earthquake started, this video is from the earthquake. It was horrible, everything was shaking violently, it was like being on a boat in the middle of the sea, things started falling down. An alarm went off and the longer it lasted, the harder it was to remain calm, I've never been through anything like this ever in my life.
I would also like to mention that we need your help. The earthquakes we have had have caused massive destruction, specially near the the south of the capital where 80% of the population has been left homeless, not to mention 400 dead and thousands of injured people. These people need water, food and something to stay warm, please contact any organization you know of to learn how you can help.