Sunday, September 2, 2007

sexy girls for a dope-free Tour de France ( a Sloggi underwear ad)

we had a crazy idea for Sloggi at the agency on thursday 26/7, on saturday 28th we went to Paris to do a Anti-dope guerilla action to support a cleaner Tour de France featuring 3 sexy babes cycling around the Arc de Triumph and the Champs Elysees

Let's see their idea for a Sloggi underwear ad combined with an anti-dope mini campaign :)

official site:

A tale of rock (music video)

A film by Stevo Payne & John Godwin


Jimi Hendrix on fire

I really like this match-art stuff :)

This image is made of roughly 7,000 matches. I colored some black and some white (with help).

This is part of a series of pieces that I am titling "goodbye art" because there is nothing left for me to keep at the end. I make a new piece each week and have a theme, the theme for the month is "Fire" so each piece will involve fire in some way.

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Music is by Ben Abrahamson