Sunday, October 21, 2007

MEGADETH - A Tout Le Monde / feat. Cristina Scabbia

A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) by Megadeth
(c) 2007 The All Blacks B.V. Issued under license to Roadrunner Records from The All Blacks B.V.

Nickelback: How You Remind Me

How You Remind Me
The All Blacks B.V./Road Runner Records

Nickelback: Rockstar

The All Blacks B.V./Roadrunner Records

NEGATIVE: The Moment Of Our Love

The Moment Of Our Love
Road Runner Records

Evanescence: Call Me When You're Sober

Call Me When You're Sober

John Mayer: Gravity (live Miami)

John Mayer performing Gravity live at Miami FL 26 January 2007

John Meyer: Two-Rock Signature Amp Demo

Video of my visit to the Two-Rock shop outside of San Francisco... Put the finishing touches on the JM signature model. Here's a bit of "Slow Dancing" through it.. the distortion you hear is from the camera.

My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words

My Chemical Romance
Famous Last Words

Patricia Conde - Speed Painting by Panther of puppetz

Speed painting Patricia Conde in Photoshop CS by Panther Of Puppetz. 2hours work
See more:

or check out Patricia Conde's official website

Operator Please: Leave It Alone

The video for the new Operator Please single 'Leave It Alone.' Directed by Duncan Skiles

Britney Spears: Stronger

Britney Spears
(C) 2001 Britney Television L.L.C.

Britney Spears: I'm A Slave 4 U

Britney Spears
I'm A Slave 4 U
(c) 2001 Zomba Recording Corporation

Blondie: Heart of Glass 2006

This is a remaster (or rework if you prefer) of Blondie's Heart of Glass by positiva records

Kylie Minogue's White Diamond (HDTV News 16 Oct 2007)

Kylie Minogue's White Diamond
A new Kylie documentary is unstinting in it's bland .
Kylie shows her pearly whites and a Dolce Gabbana Dress as she arrives at the premiere in Leicester Square...
The world premiere of Kylie Minogue's White Diamond - "An intimate portrait of Kylie Minogue" -- and around 1000 people line the red carpet at Leicester Square, waiting for her arrival. The crowd includes two drag queens, wearing gigantic pink and white ostrich feather head-dresses, which slowly turn into damp rats tails in the rain outside Burger King.

Even in the rain, however, they are still more glamourous than celebrity guest Rupert Everett, who turns up in a greasy pair of tracksuit bottoms and three inches of stubble, looking as if his taxi was booked to pick him up from a bin. Next to Kylie -- arriving to screams and cheers and luminous in, of course, white diamonds -- he looks like a tramp. He looks puzzlingly, fundamentally unsuited to the dazzle and sequin of a Kylie Minogue event.

Filmed between August 2006 and March 2007, White Diamond follows Kylie on her resurrected "Showgirl" tour -- originally abandoned halfway through, in Sydney, when she was diagnosed with breast-cancer. White Diamond aims to show her "Home coming" -- the reactivation of the Showgirl tour, which was reworked to be "Light, joyful and fun, as always; but that means something much deeper, now given the context," as choreographer Akram Khan explains...

Master P: Them Jeans/Who Want Some

Here's your chance to see the UNCENSORED Director's Cut of Master P's "Them Jeans/Who Want Some."

For more uncensored music videos visit the DMV channel on NO GOOD TV at

Born and raised in New Orleans' third ward Calliope Housing Projects, Master P always envisioned a better life for himself and his family. Raised by his grandparents, P eventually moved to Richmond, California with his mother in 1990. It was there that he applied a $10,000 check from a legal settlement toward the opening his own record store called No Limit Records, which evolved into his now-famous recording label.

In the last six years alone, Master P's No Limit Records has sold well over 50 million albums, and to date has garnered 12 multi-platinum, 10 platinum and 12 gold records. His success has earned his inclusion in Fortune magazine's prestigious "40 Richest Under 40" list and Forbes' "Top List of Highest Paid Entertainers."

No Limit Films continues to produce features, including the family comedy "Uncle P" starring Master P and Lil' Romeo currently in post-production. Since the 1997 debut of his first No Limit
film "I'm Bout It", Master P has co-starred in over a dozen films, including major studio releases such as Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, "The Players Club" with Ice Cube and "Foolish" with Eddie Griffin. P also starred in this last year's "Dark Blue" opposite Kurt Russell, "Undisputed" with Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames and "Lockdown". He also recently starred opposite Harrison Ford in
the cop comedy "Hollywood Homicide". Through his No Limit Films, Master P has produced eight films and written and directed six.

Master P's "Good Side/Bad Side" includes the smash "Them Jeans" plus appearances from Lil' Romeo, Silkk The Shocker C-Murder, Curren$y and more.

I've selected the best movies with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, check them out!

Ashley Tisdale playing video games with her Mac at home

Ashley Tisdale just hanging out at home with the mac playing video games!

Alicia Keys: No One

Alicia Keys
No One

From her upcoming album "As I Am", in stores 13 November 2007!

The Twang: Two Lovers

The Twang
Two Lovers

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Today The Sun's On Us

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Today The Sun's On Us

Girls Aloud: Sexy! No No No...

Girls Aloud
Sexy! No No No...

Girls Aloud: Long Hot Summer

Girls Aloud
Long Hot Summer

Girls Aloud: Wake Me Up

Girls Aloud
Wake Me Up

Nelly Furtado: Do It

Nelly Furtado
Do It

Visit Nelly's website here:

Gwen Stefani: Now That You Got It

Gwen Stefani
Now That You Got It

Nicole Scherzinger: Baby Love

Nicole Scherzinger
Baby Love

Visit Nicole's Website here:

The Hives: Tick Tick Boom

The Hives
Tick Tick Boom

Linkin Park: Lying From You [Live In Texas]

Linkin Park
Lying From You [Live In Texas]
Warner Bros. Records

Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong

Linkin Park
Somewhere I Belong
Warner Bros. Records

Linkin Park: Crawling (Live)

Linkin Park
Crawling (Live)
Warner Bros. Records

Kat Von D - the tatoo artist

Let's check out some videos with the tatoo artist Kat Von D

Kat Von D shows actor Eric Balfour why she deserves her own show.

Tom Green Live: Tom Tattoos Kat von D Live

HIM - Wings of A Butterfly

Wings of A Butterfly
Sire Records

H.I.M. - Kiss Of Dawn

Kiss Of Dawn
Sire Records